Taking action now for a cleaner future


Credit: NASA. Caribbean Sea Viewed From the ISS.

As a citizen of Earth, I feel sad, as an American I feel ashamed, as the founder and CEO of STAR Island Bahamas, I feel compelled to speak out. Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord is devastating on so many levels. I am not speaking politically because this is not a Republican or Democratic issue, this is a global human issue that will impact everyone of us. Trump’s decision is a vote for pollution, sea level rise, more intense storms, oppressive heat, massive migrations, reduced food security and reduced national security. I have spent the last decade of my life on a quest to demonstrate how we can reduce our carbon footprint in economically viable ways and proving that we can have a desirable lifestyle that provides sustainability without sacrifice.

America will forfeit economic and environmental global leadership if we fail to step up and do our best to show how great America and our people truly are. We already have the ability and technology to reduce our carbon emissions in a way that is favorable to all of us. This is not only about improving our economy, it’s about preventing irreversible environmental damage. The only “hoax” here is the portrayal that US economy will suffer by joining with almost every single nation in an effort to reduce carbon emissions.

I encourage everyone to take time and educate themselves about the real, factual impacts of climate change already occurring globally and in your communities and the ramifications of doing nothing. We invite everyone, including Trump and his administration, to visit our project, learn about our mission and see what is truly possible to prevent the crushing impacts of climate change. Check out what leaders and innovators like Elon Musk and Richard Branson are doing as well about these issues. We need to raise public awareness and increase support now more than ever.

We see one good thing coming out of yesterday’s news: just this morning, we already see reports of city administrators all over the US as well as businesses and higher education institutions stating their commitment to follow the greenhouse emission targets that were agreed upon in the Paris Accord and to take the matter of climate change as a serious issue that needs urgent solutions. Let’s not forget that 195 nations in this planet are still part of the Paris agreement and their commitment to tackling climate change is an inspiration to all of us at STAR. This only makes our resolve stronger. We are left with no choice but to take responsibility and lead ourselves towards a clean healthy future. We will continue to do our work towards sustainable solutions and educate people about the future of sustainability and clean energy that is within reach for all of us. We are a small company trying to make a difference, and we would love if you share this message with as many people as you can. Thanks for listening.

David Sklar