One of the toughest challenges of being on an island is finding a reliable water source. Without an underground reservoir, it can be tough to grow food and sustain people on this type of environment. This is why we created a closed loop water system on the island. Initially, we changed the slope of the terrain to create a pond in the middle of the island, allowing for rainwater catchment. Then, our team created tiered waterways that kept this brackish water flowing throughout the island with the help of innovative solar pumps. Each building was designed with roofs, gutters and cisterns that maximize the collection of rainwater, which is then purified by a sophisticated reverse osmosis system that produces high-quality clean freshwater.

This use of geoengineering, solar energy technology and smart design ensures a steady and reliable water system for STAR Island. Nature also seemed to approve of these improvements: our team reported that endemic plants started growing around the property and that animals like birds, small reptiles and frogs which were never seen before that began to inhabit the area.