Few things are more gratifying than harvesting fresh ingredients to create real dishes from scratch.  At STAR Island, we dedicated 5% of land to grow our food supply. Our hydroponic gardens are under construction and will allow us to grow a higher yield using less space. Currently, 700 square feet of land are growing a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs using organic compost created on-site as a natural soil fertilizer. No synthetic pesticides are used in our garden, keeping our food and water system protected from harmful contaminants.

Our waters are home to a variety of fish, lobster, conch and shrimp that are responsibly harvested. Our natural rock pier simultaneously provides our seafood supply and creates a habitat for fish like grouper and snapper. The rocks create a nursery for the fish and provides shelter and hiding places for them to grow. We fish using line and hook or a limited catch fish trap, designed to prevent big fish, turtles or sharks to enter. Once we open the trap, we only take what we will eat, sending smaller fish back to the water to continue their growth cycle. Any seafood remains typically not used in compost are used as bait for the fish traps, ensuring that nothing goes to waste.